Registration steps

-  For registeration, you should have a user account. In the case you do not have one, please sign up first.

-  After signing up, use your username and password to login. You can change your personal information in your profile.

-  In order to attend in conference, choose Conference Registration from the registration menu and select your registration type.

- Those who have not submitted an article in conference, also are able to attend and will have the conference certification.

- To attend in workshops, choose your workshop from Workshops Registration.

- Once your registration confirmed by site manager, go to conference registration and choose registration type.

Type of Registration



1000000 Rials


1500000 Rials

Cement industy 1500000 Rials

Participants free

1500000 Rials

 - Pay a registration fee to sumbit on article.

 - In exchange for a 50% discount on more than one article will be considred.

Registration of those who do not have a paper to present at the conference but would like to participate in the conference, Authorized and issued certificates for their participation in the conference.

Please settle the cost of attend the conference (depending on the registration) into account 135867934 number of Tejarat Bank branch in Ordibehesht  named Institute Tehran University.

important: Please, writh "  3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Cement Industry, Energy and Environment (CIEE) 2014 "

- For more information, Contact Us




To pay for the registration fee please use the account below:

For Dollar Transations: IR230180000000000162454986

For Euro Transations: IR110180000000000162450352

Please send a copy of your receipt to the conference email ( or upload it via your account.