Human’s use of construction materials started thousands years ago by building structures out of stone and mud. Cement is one of the most basic materials which used at that time.

Undoubtedly, considering our country’s unique geographical situation, imparted of such a susceptible abroad markets and enormous internal demand in different areas, necessity of paying more attention to cement industry will be more obvious. Cement industry is one of the industries which needs such a huge amount of energy so energy cost will be one of the most important elements to be considered. Environment and energy as related matters, considered to be some of the government’s important priorities, and because of that, proceeding to these matters as national or international conferences has a great effect on progress of industry.

Environmental faculty of Tehran as the first environmental faculty of country, having such a high potential of human resources and software and hardware facilities, is going to raise the first international cement industry and exhibition in January 2013 with assistance of companies, NGOs and private or state factories, With hope for this emprise to be one step forward to improve this industry.     



PhD. A. R. Noorpoor